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ED Releases Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Grant Funding

Nancy Anderson, Mike Goldstein and Paul Thompson

The Department of Education made available another $3 billion in grant funding under the CARES Act, which will go to states to provide emergency support for education.

Student and Borrower Relief Under the CARES Act

Rebecca Flake and Caitlyn Shelby

The CARES Act relaxes federal student aid requirements for certain students and borrowers.

ED Releases CARES Act Stimulus Funding for Emergency Student Grants, Subject to Institutional Certification

Nancy Anderson and Paul Thompson

ED announced it will release a portion of the CARES Act higher education funding to allow institutions to make emergency student grants.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption: ED Updates and Consolidates Guidance

Rebecca Flake, Kate Lee Carey and Paul Thompson

On April 3, the Department of Education released an electronic announcement with continuing guidance for institutions responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption: Accrediting Agencies Adopt Temporary Measures to Address Challenges

Robin Dasher-Alston, Naomi Harralson May and Caitlyn Shelby

Following ED’s release of guidance to accrediting agencies on March 17, including the flexibility to bypass public comment periods and adoption by full agency membership, accreditors have been developing and adopting new (and notably temporary) policies to address COVID-19 challenges.

Institutional Relief Under the CARES Act

Rebecca Flake, Shannon Noonan and Caitlyn Shelby

The CARES Act authorizes ED to allow institutions to ease certain federal student aid requirements, provide relief for certain students and borrowers with federally held student loans and relax certain requirements.

First Look at Postsecondary Institution Funding Under the CARES Act

Nancy Anderson and Paul Thompson

The CARES Act allows ED to make grant funding available to institutions of higher education to transition to online learning in the wake of COVID-19.

Managing COVID-19 Update: Legislative Fix Protects GI Bill Benefits

Matt Johnson, Shannon Noonan and Caitlyn Shelby

On March 21, President Trump signed into law S.3503, aimed at protecting student veterans benefits as more and more transition to online programs.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption: ED Updates Guidance for Changes and Interruptions of Study

Nancy Anderson and Rebecca Flake

The US Department of Education has issued a supplement to its March 5 guidance for interruptions of study related to COVID-19.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption: Key Student Privacy Requirements Remain Unchanged

Matt Johnson

As students of all ages urgently transition from a classroom to a virtual environment, concern over the protection of student privacy remains at a high level.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption: Online Accessibility and Anti-Discrimination in Schools

Nancy Anderson and Paul Thompson

The US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights released guidance on civil rights issues in education when responding to COVID-19.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption: FERPA

Matt Johnson

The Department of Education released guidance for schools subject to FERPA requirements related to implementing plans in response to COVID-19.