Managing COVID-19 Disruption: Online Accessibility and Anti-Discrimination in Schools

Nancy Anderson and Paul Thompson

The US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights released guidance on civil rights issues in education when responding to COVID-19.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption: FERPA

Matt Johnson

The Department of Education released guidance for schools subject to FERPA requirements related to implementing plans in response to COVID-19.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption: GI Bill Benefits at Risk as Schools Transition Online

Marjorie Arrington, Matt Johnson, Shannon Noonan and Caitlyn Shelby

Students and veterans who rely on the Post-9/11 GI Bill’s education assistance could see those benefits reduced or paused without legislative action.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption: Title IV Processing

Nancy Anderson and Rebecca Flake

The Department of Education has issued guidance on Title IV processing in response to COVID-19.

Managing COVID-19 Disruption

Nancy Anderson, Naomi Harralson May and Paul Thompson

The coronavirus is causing major disruption to education, with schools and colleges canceling classes, shutting down campus operations and offering programs online. Cooley is monitoring the response and information about COVID-19 and will be addressing other issues for schools and education providers through additional posts.

2020 San Francisco Edtech Conference Is a Wrap

Jay Vaughan, Erik Edwards, Matt Johnson, Mike Goldstein, Kate Lee Carey, Naomi Harralson May and Caitlyn shelby

Cooley recently completed the 3rd annual San Francisco CooleyED conference and pitch night.

Is Early Implementation of ED’s New State Authorization for Distance Rule Right for Your Institution?

Nancy Anderson, Caitlyn Shelby and Paul Thompson

The new state authorization for distance education regulations impose two key requirements and contain important differences from the 2016 rule that is currently in effect. We outline these and other key implementation points in this post.

ED Publishes Final State Authorization for Distance Education Rule

Nancy Anderson, Caitlyn Shelby and Paul Thompson

On Friday, November 1, the Department of Education published its final state authorization for distance education regulations in the Federal Register.

Gov. Newsom Signs Three California Private Postsecondary Education Bills

Kate Lee Carey

On October 4, Governor Gavin Newsom approved all three private higher education bills that had previously passed through the California legislative process.

Borrower Defense to Repayment Rule 3.0 – Part II: Student Relief

Kate Lee Carey, Jonathon Glass and Mike Goldstein

Our second blog post about the Borrower Defense to Repayment Rule focuses on the impact of the new rule on Direct Loan borrowers and the bases for borrower defense claims and how those claims will be processed.

Borrower Defense to Repayment Rule 3.0

Kate Lee Carey, Jonathon Glass and Mike Goldstein

After announcing plans for a new rule last summer, the Department of Education has, unofficially, issued its long awaited new update to the borrower defense to repayment rule.

California Senate Appropriations Committee Sends Three Postsecondary Bills for Further Action, Shelves Three Others

Kate Lee Carey and Caitlyn Shelby

The California Senate Appropriations Committee returned from recess on August 12 and resumed discussion of the six remaining higher education bills.