The NASFAA National Conference starts on Monday, June 26 in San Diego and is the premier event serving the student financial aid community. Student aid professionals from across the nation attend the NASFAA National Conference each year to teach, learn, network and share best practices.

The conference provides valuable, up-to-date information on the student aid programs from financial aid veterans. It is a unique training and professional development opportunity that will equip student aid professionals with the tools they need to better serve students and families. Attendees can also learn about product and software innovations from 65+ exhibitors.

Cooley is a proud sponsor of the 2017 NASFAA National Conference, and several members of the Cooley team will be speaking throughout the conference. The session details for these panels are below.

Sharing Student Data – A Navigational Guide for Financial Aid Offices and Officers
Panelist: Rebecca Flake
Tuesday, June 27
11 am – 12 pm

The financial aid office houses a vast amount of student data that could be helpful to many offices across campus and to outside entities. In this session, we will discuss the two important federal laws that govern the release of various types of student data commonly held by financial aid offices, along with real-world examples and best practices for developing effective institutional protocols to ensure consistent and compliant data release processes. We will also share tips on how to work with data requesters to be responsive to requests and compliant with the rules.

Navigating a Department of Education Program Review: Practical Strategies From Those Who Have Been There
Panelists: Blain Butner and Marjorie Arrington
Tuesday, June 27
3:15 – 4:15 pm

Three presenters who have collectively managed dozens of program reviews will offer their insights and advice on effectively preparing for a program review, undergoing the ED site visit and responding to the program review findings. They will discuss what to expect at each step of the process and how to minimize institutional liabilities. Each presenter will bring war stories and their top tips of steps to take, and steps to avoid, so that you can successfully navigate what can be a stressful experience for you and your institution.

Distance Education Program Enforcement Trends: Navigating Initial Approval, Program Reviews and Audits
Panelists: Rebecca Flake and Naomi Harralson May
Wednesday, June 28
11:30 am – 12:30 pm

The US Department of Education is taking a closer look at distance education programs and their compliance with Title IV regulations governing areas like regular and substantive interaction, verification of initial attendance and last date of attendance when a student withdraws. Because of the serious consequences of failing to document compliance, this session aims to equip attendees with the tools they need to develop effective distance education compliance strategies.

Borrower Defense to Repayment: Are You Ready for July 1, 2017?
Panelist: Kate Lee Carey
Wednesday, June 28
4:15 – 5:15 pm

What was originally planned as a review of the Borrower Defense to Repayment (BDTR) rule and how institutions can prepare for the July 1 effective date, will now be a discussion on the status of the delayed implementation of the rule, the planned negotiated rulemaking process and what schools can expect from the Department of Education on responding to BDTR claims over the coming months.

Other Cooley team members attending the conference are listed below.

We hope to see you there!

Blain Butner is a senior member and former co-leader of Cooley’s education practice group, and has been providing advice and counsel to educational institutions for 35 years.

Marjorie Arrington assists schools, colleges and universities with matters relating to the management and administration of federal, state and private student financial assistance programs.

Rebecca Flake focuses on federal student financial aid matters. She has been in the financial aid industry for 20+ years in the capacities of a financial aid advisor, financial aid director and compliance auditor.

Patricia Dickerson is a senior manager of higher education services, with specific responsibility for matters relating to the management and administration of the federal Title IV student financial aid programs.

Kate Lee Carey focuses on the legal, accreditation, administrative and regulatory aspects of regionally and nationally accredited higher education institutions and companies that provide services to the education industry.

Naomi Harralson May works with colleges and universities to develop effective, compliant practices – and then translate them to accreditors, state educational agencies and the DOE.

Joseph Mensah advises institutions of higher education on a variety of legal and regulatory matters, including those involving the U.S. Department of Education, state agencies and accrediting bodies.

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